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Friends of the Church

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Inside St Mary Magdalene

The Friends was set up as a charity in 1995 with the aim of maintaining the church as an historic building. It is quite separate from the Parochial Church Council. The church fabric is examined regularly every five years (called a Quinquennial) by a Diocesan Board of architects. The first amount raised was 40,000, half of that coming from grant awarding bodies such as English Heritage. The rest was raised from loans from local people and fund raising activities. Repairs have been necessary to part of the tower and the roof of the nave.

The Friends are committed to regular, annual fund raising activities, such as a safari suppers, wine tastings, and music concerts. They also have Christmas and summer activities such as barbecues. This maintains a regular fund ready for future necessary repairs to the church.

You can make a donation which stands alone, but the Friends also have a membership scheme where people can make a donation towards the work of maintaining the beauty of the church building by keeping it in good repair.

We hope that you would like to become a Friend and make a yearly donation.  The benefit to us is a basic yearly income and for this we really do need your help!

If you feel you would like to join this scheme please contact any member of the committee or forms are usually available in the church.

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