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(Info from the Women's Club)




Write to your local district and county councillor. You may wish to copy to other councillors in the district/county to let them ALL know that they must oppose the extensive cuts in the near future to the Horton Hospital, Banbury.

Lists of councillors are available at





Write to the members of the Oxfordshire Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (HOSC) to demand: a) Horton downgrading plans are dealt with as a single public consultation and no decisions on permanent service removal must be taken separately and b) Horton downgrading plans must be referred to the Secretary of State for Health who, in 2008 said centralisation of acute core services was wrong on the basis of the distance


Write to your MP, Victoria Prentis, victoria.prentis.mp@parliament.uk copying to other Oxfordshire MPs - Robert Courts (Witney) Robert.courts.mp@parliament.uk , Andrew Smith (Oxford East) andrew.smith.mp@gmail.com  Nicola Blackwood (Oxford West and Abingdon) nicola.blackwood.mp@parliament.uk  and Ed Vaizey (Didcot and Wantage) ed.vaizey.mp@parlliament.uk and also to other MPs whose constituents use the Horton - Nadim Zawahi (Stratford on Avon) nadhim.zahawi.mp@parliament.uk  Chris Heaton-Harris (Daventry) chris.heatonharris.mp@parliament.uk  Andrea Leadsom (South Northants) andrea.leadsom.mp@parliament.uk and John Howell howelljm@parliament.uk (Henley).

Copy letters/emails to Theresa May mayt@parliament.uk  Jeremy Hunt huntj@parliament.uk  (Secretary of State for Health) and  editorial@banburyguardian news@oxfordmail.co.uk kirsty.leahy@banburysound.co.uk news@oxfordtimes.co.uk south.today@bbc.co.uk oxford@bbc.co.uk

 Complete the KTHG questionnaire at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/K3VFYT2 and then get five others to complete it asking each of them to get another to complete it.


If you have to go to the JR/Churchill, complete Victoria Prentis's travel to Oxford Hospitals survey at  https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/HQ55BQB and please tell others about it and ask them to tell another five and so on.

Please demonstrate with us on March 4th Gower Street, London in a major rally in defence of a universal, fair health service - It's Our NHS.


Support Keep The Horton General campaign group. See www.keepthehortongeneral.org. Any donations towards our printing and legal costs should be directed to KTHG; cheques payable to the Horton Hospital Fighting Fund.

If you have particular skills or professional expertise that may help us combat this threat to the Horton, please contact me at roseanne_edwards@journalist.com or KTHG chairman, Keith Strangwood on 07740 599736.


Support Keep Our NHS Public - http://keepournhspublic.com/ https://keepournhspublicoxfordshire.org.uk/

Support Health Campaigns Together - http://www.healthcampaignstogether.com/

Watch out for stories in the Banbury Guardian, Oxford Mail and online Banbury Cake (Oxford Mail local title). We cover as much as possible in the BG and want to know about any problems. We can investigate and keep names confidential if requested.

Write letters to the local press, including those whose readership looks to the Horton (e.g. Stratford Herald) and also to the national press and media, which have offered very little coverage of the Sustainability and Transformation Plans that are downgrading England’s hospitals.

Share your knowledge. We cannot win back our NHS without many more people knowing the truth and campaigning with us. Tell five people about what is happening and ask them to tell another five. Send us their email addresses so we can keep in touch with them.

Use our ‘advice sheet’ (available within a very short time) to help guide you through the response to the Oxfordshire Transformation Plan consultation paper which runs, with its appendices, to over 300 pages.



home > parish council > village notice board > save the horton


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