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Firm announces proposals to push on with wind farm

Wind Farm Plans Pushed Forward

By Gavin Moore

Villagers say they have been left ‘dumb struck’ after a wind energy firm announced it would be pushing forward with plans for a wind farm near Helmdon.

In March, Broadview Energy announced they would be investigating the feasibility of a six turbine wind farm at Spring Farm Ridge, just off the B4525 near the Helmdon turn.

Local people were horrified to discover their unspoilt rural skyline would be lost, that the 125m turbines could be less than a kilometre from homes and argue that on-shore wind energy in England cannot reduce carbon emissions.

This week Broadview Energy said results of various environmental and technical studies showed the site is suitable for up to five turbines.

Olly Buck, Broadview Energy’s project manager said: ‘Before we submit a planning application to South Northants Council we want to share our plans once again with local people and talk again about the many advantages of wind power.  We hope to submit a planning application this summer  which in turn will be open to further consultation as part of the standard local planning process’.

Simon Martin, a member of the Helmdon, Stutchbury Wind Action Group committee said there were no saving graces for the plan and that on shore wind farms were so unreliable they could not replace fossil fuel power stations.

He said:  ‘We had a public meeting a few weeks ago and there was universal horror that they are even contemplating putting in structures 125m tall when there’s not even an electricity pylon for miles and miles.

‘We are dumb struck they can even consider putting up such a thing and 99.99% of the people from all the villages in the area feel the same.’

On Tuesday, July 13 representatives from Broadview Energy will present photo-montages of turbines set against the local landscape during an exhibition at Helmdon Primary School between 4pm and 8 pm.


Brackley & Towcester Advertiser  - 2 July 2010




home > press cuttings > wind farm plans pushed forward

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