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THE CHEQUERS – Many years ago a regular at this country pub,  Reg Thompson, wrote a poem about it.  But, who would have thought then that New Year’s Day would see the doors closed for what could be the last time.

Regulars gathered to share a final drink with John and Mal and wished them well for the future.

Only time will tell if the doors reopen for a glass of ale to be quaffed.

Mr Thompson’s poem is –

Look back my friends though the mists of time, when England green and just regained a crown

The fields of battle silent, Cromwell sleeps, and Helmdon saw my mason’d stones laid down

Through the winding Lane in a lovely shire, men came to me to quaff good ale

Far from the rushing world outside my time stands still, a fair(y) tale;

But pause a moment, yells my guest.

Consider, do the politicians think that they can change our customs, centuries old;

 I say to them, forget it, have a drink, this Chequers sign gives a welcome to you all.

Try to compete you, you will not always win

For when you’re gone

I shall stand, proudly free

And be the same, an English country inn.


Probable Banbury or Brackley newspaper





home > press cuttings > helmdon- the chequers


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