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Captain Righteous and the Christmas Crisis - Gallery


The stars relax before the big show.

A last opportunity to chill out...

...and to have one last look at the lines.

The finishing touches are applied to the make-up.

The band is tuned up and ready to go.

The stage hands are at the ready.

Lights, cameras... action!

The dancers open the performance.

Biceps and Triceps.

Red Claw - the evil villain.

Can she kidnap the Mayor...

...and blow up the north pole?

Maybe with the help of Al Capuccino.

Linguine and Macaroni are in on it too.

PC Detective and PC Cake are on the case.

But they can't fight crime alone... who could help them?

Kirsty King has the bad news.

Along with roving reporter, Jenny Jenkins.

The Mayor's assistant Sally Stake is very concerned (and concerning!).

Watch out Mr Mayor.

Biceps and Triceps have the Mayor captured.

Red Claw wants world domination!

What can Sally do to help the Mayor?

It looks like a hopeless cause.

Yep, a hopeless cause!

Dun-dun-dah! It's Captain Righteous and side-kick Sparrow!

Can Captain Righteous use his super-powers?

Sparrow seems somewhat distracted!

Captain Righteous needs a plan - and fast.

The Mayor is holding out for a hero.

Can Sparrow and Sally save the day?

Al Capuccino and his henchmen secure the Mayor in the dungeon.

Now no one can stop Red Claw.

The boys have it all sewn up.

Red Claw's plan is working.

The Mayor is done for.

But just when everything seemed to be going Red Claw's way...

It's Captain Righteous to the rescue!

Jenny Jenkins experiences the super-stare.

A rescue plan is hatched.

And it starts with a sing-song!


Captain Righteous and Red Claw face-off.

But Red Claw is not intimidated.

The mob have Jenny Jenkins - will Captain Righteous have to surrender?

She could end up wearing concrete boots.

But no one beats Captain Righteous!

Sparrow and Captain Righteous will save the day!

Although it seems like Lucy Lockett is the brains of the operation.

Perhaps Gerald the Wonder-Flea can guide them to the Mayor.

All they have to do is follow him.

Spooky skelingtons guard the way.

The Mayor and Jenny Jenkins try to sing their way out of trouble.

It's certainly one way to pass the time.

Perhaps Gerald will hear the singing.

Captain Righteous arrives... but evil is not far away.

Now it looks like Captain Righteous may become a victim.

Red Claw is all-powerful.

A struggle ensues...

Can Captain Righteous fight back?

It doesn't look like he's having much effect against Red Claw.

It looks like defeat for our hero.

Red Claw revels in her victory.

And Biceps and Triceps get things all tied up.

The Mayor can do nothing to stop the destruction of Christmas itself.

Soon Red Claw will send missiles upon the north pole.

She makes her escape in a "boat".

But Red Claw had forgotten about Sparrow, Lucy and Gerald.

And the prisoners are freed in a jiffy.

Now to stop Red Claw and her missiles.

A short musical interlude of "Let it Go".

Kirsty King has the local constabulary on for a crime update.

The citizens gossip about all that's going on.

And her she comes again - boo, hiss!

Captain Righteous - protector of the people and wearer of purple pants.

They need to get to the military base.

But Mr Bizzo tries to hold them up.

At mission control the boffins ready the computer.

R-U-1-2 holds the command codes for the missile.

It's too easy for Al and the gang.

Red Claw and Al congratulate each other.

But Red Claw has been using Al all along.

She tells him that he does not figure in her long term plans.

And has him carted away. Holy double-crossing!

Red Claw needs the password to launch the missile.

The password turns out to be "Burping Bottoms"!

Just time to phone a friend - all tell him the end of the world as we know it is nigh.

But once again, our super-hero arrives just in time.

Gerald the flea can easily outwit Biceps and Triceps.

And the pair are dragged away kicking and screaming.

Miss Stake wades in to the fray.

And soon Red Claw and her hapless helpers are overpowered.

But Captain Righteous still needs to stop the missile. What's the password children?

The world is saved. And Father Christmas is safe too.

Super, or what?!

Wait! Maybe Al can clean up at the end.

The thugs reckon they've pulled a fast one.

Could our story end in disaster after all?

Of course not! Sparrow turns the tables.

Captain Righteous has won the day...

...and the girl.

But is there a happy ending for Sally?

The Mayor finds Sally crying.

But he sings her a song and... it all ends happily ever after!
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