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Dick Whittington - Gallery

The King Rat base layer being applied by Miara Turner.

Debbie Rubino making a start on a ratling.

"Seriously, you're in here with a camera??"

Back stage is all go.

Angela Goodall has her work cut out to make Dave look pretty!

Sophie Moody and Vicky Hart enjoying being in makeup.

Did May O'Nays lose her pants?!

"Look at those pants over there!"

No recorded music 'ere.

Not for the first time, John is on his knees.

Matt (left) and Alfie with all the electro-trickery at their fingertips.

The Boss.

I'm not sure this street is in the Sat Nav.

Fitzwarren's Store - just don't ask for anything cooked!

The Chorus performs London Calling.

Alderman Fitzwarren discusses the rat problem with Alice and May O'Nays.

It's Idle Jack - he practices being lazy, and practice makes perfect!

Alice wistfully sings Don't Stop with a little help from her friends.

Are the doughnuts ready Jack? Yep, they just need the holes putting in!

I'm Dick Whittington and I come in search of a fortune in gold.

Is it true that the streets of London are paved with gold?

Err, yeah, that's right mate. Just dig an 'ole 'ere. Mug!

May O'Nays tells Dick that he's digging in the wrong hole.

So, you told Dick the streets were paved with gold eh?

You and your cat can come and work for me dealing with rats.

Boooo! It's King Rat.

And his nemesis Fairy Bowbell.

Oh dear, Idle Jack is minding the shop.

And gets pied for being cheeky to customers!

Ahoy shipmates! It's Captain Bilgewater.

Dick and Alice sing You're the One That I Want. Alice loves... him.

King Rat hypnotises Alice and gets her to frame Dick for stealing.

Dick can't explain where the money has gone.

He pleads with Alice to believe him.

But Dick was the only one with access.

Dick and Tommy the Cat are asked to leave town.

King Rat has won, and now his ratlings can take over the city.

One of the highlights was Tommy's solo - yes, a singing cat!!

The Captain and crew of The Golden Duck (so called because ducks don't sink!).

Spade and Shovel have set up a makeshift toll-bar!

It's a fiver per vehicle - especially for that old banger!

Even King Rat has to pay to pass.

Are you seasick May? We haven't even left yet!

"The crew’s all ready to make sail Cap’n" says Scupper.

Dick is aboard the ship, and now they know he didn't steal the money.

King Rat smells... a chance to sink the ship.

The ship is tossing and pitching. They're all doomed!

King Rat's victory song solo - with or without the aid of a microphone!!

There are plenty of holidaymakers on the "dessert" island.

May O'Nays can feel something tickling her.

It was crabs.

"Is this a dessert island, or have we gone a trifle mad?".

Alice fears that Dick is gone forever.

Mustaph, Apu - and the Sultan.

Fitzwarren explains to the Sultan what's happened, but their
troubles have only just begun...

In comes Florabunda, the Sultan's delectable daughter.

And she thinks Idle Jack is a bit of Mr Right!

The classic "He's BEHIND YOU!!"

"Come on Tommy, we must find the others".

It's Cake by the Ocean, crashed by Florabunda. Hilarious!!

Is there any escape from prison?

But mid-incarceration a surprise award to Paul Underwood for extreme overacting!

Where there's blame there's a claim. Can Stan the Man sell a policy?

How did you get in here?

Dick grabs the key off the fleeing Stan and comes to the rescue.

King Rat is plotting to overrun Morocco.

But Bowbell counters his every turn.

What would make you happy my darling? How about a nice public execution?

Are you sure this is the way out Dick?

Mustaph & Apu are on the case.


Execute the prisoner's immediately.

I'll marry Dick - he's so brave.

King Rat hypnotises Mustaph and Apu; they're eating out of his hand (or each other's!)

Tommy, watch out, he's got a knife!

Too late, now Tommy the cat is Tommy the cut.

Of course, Dick takes on the fight.

And soon has King Rat just where she, sorry, he wants
her, sorry, him (Pantos are confusing!).

And Dick gets his girl.

And drops to one knee to propose.

Yes, they all lived happy ever after - of course!

May is back in London (she flew Easy Jet).

A bit of audience participation, with a sing along with Ollie.

Sung to the tune of My Bonnie.

A short video of the Walkdown.

And here's the final song - Walking on Sunshine.
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