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Yes, they are definitely heroes!

Bryony and Dave wait to go into makeup and costume.

Angela has the Nack with Felicity.

Is that pen on your face Beth?

It's only rock 'n roll (but I like it).

Robert has all the techno-wizardry at his fingertips.

The annual meeting of the Immoral, Disgusting, Indescribably ‘Orrible
and Troublesome Society (IDIOTS).

Time for the dance troop to do their thing.

Do we really have to be nice to the Whites?

Snowy, darling! Cinders, sweetheart!

Lottie is looking forward to marrying Prince Marvellous but has a terrible
feeling that something will go wrong.

And she was right! The evil Evelyn plans to stop the wedding! Dun dun dun!!

It's Snow White’s cook, Gertie.

Marvellous plays a game of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and the prize if he
gets all the questions right is a lifetime of wedded bliss!

Evelyn crashes the party and tells Jack and Prince Marvellous of her dastardly plan.

I think someone is a bit under the affluence of inkahol.

Gertie can't resist a sing-song, but she's no crooner.

The news is broken that Lottie has been banished to the other side of Pantoland.

Cinderella fears that her darling daughter may already be dead.

Can Jack and Gertie help Prince Marvellous save the day?

Prince Marvellous is simply the best - better than all the rest!

Nick and Nack stumble across the dwarves' diamond mine.

They discover one of the shiniest, most polished diamonds they’ve ever found that
would reflect anything at all shone at it, but they can't think what possible use it could be?

Give us a song Gertie!

They’ve got earl grey tea, assam tea and Ceylon tea, Darjeeling tea and
oolong tea, but most of all they've got stupidi-tea!

Gertie, I think you might still have pie in your ears!.

Captain James Hook, the most feared pirate on the high seas!.

Princess Lottie must get back to the castle if she can.

She sings SOS while Nick and Nack help out with the semaphore.

On the way they bump into Red Riding Hood in the forest.

Cue "He's BEHIND YOU!".

Meanwhile Captain Hook has made Gertie, Jack and the Prince walk the
plank and it looks like it's curtains for the Prince.

Gertie saves the Prince by threatening to give him mouth to mouth, which makes
him regain consciousness pdq! The sea creatures do a celebratory dance.

Lottie is so upset but Nick and Nack do their best to keep her spirits up.

And at last the happy couple are reunited.

It's a beautiful night - they're looking for something dumb to do.

But will Evelyn have the last laugh yet - she uses her wand to freeze
Gertie and the others so that she can kill Lottie.

If only Lottie could think of a way of stopping Evelyn.

Of course! The diamond! lottie uses it to reflect the power of
Evelyn's wand back on herself.

The wicked witch is dead! Time to celebrate!

Now at last the families will be united and Pantoland will be rid of evil forever!

Gertie is upset that no one appreciates her beautiful singing.

Prince Marvellous and Princess Lottie tie the knot.

And the dwarves return to help celebrate.

The whole cast prepare to take a bow.

And they all live happily ever after. Hooray!!!
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