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The Bridge Players - Productions

Snow White - Gallery

This year's cast...

...getting ready for their big performance.

It's Panto time!

Dame Senna Pod & Hannah the Chief Maid

Dame Senna with Snow White and her hand maiden, Rose

Senna dancing with the Chorus

The Wicked Queen

Who dares upset the Wicked Queen?

Who is the fairest one of all?

Neville the Chamberlain is desperate for the mirror to tell a lie

The Wicked Queen dispatches Hans the Woodcutter to kill Snow

Perhaps Barry Trotter's magical contraption can save the day

Can her make the mirror talk like a politician?

Rose has to say goodbye to Snow

Prince Valentine and his trusty steed

Dobbin the Horse

The Seven Dwarfs
Wake up Dozy!

Can Hans kill Snow?

Oh no he can't!

Senna in the kitchen

If I'd known you were coming I'd have baked a cake...

I think you're supposed to take the butter out of its wrapper

Caption not necessary!

Hans claims that he's killed Snow

And tries to fool Rose but he can't keep up the pretence

Snow is still the fairest of them all

Perhaps Prince Valentine will save the day

The Wicked Queen... behind me?

Just one bite my pretty...

Snow is poisoned... but is she dead?

Rose, Neville and The Seven Dwarfs fear the worst

But Valentine's kiss works its magic

And the "guy" gets the girl. Hooray!
home > village groups > bridge players > productions > snow white > gallery
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