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The Sword In The Stone - Gallery

Hair. Paint. Costume. It can only be the Panto!

I say, that looks jolly wizard!

Knights, wizards, wicked witches and fair maidens.

A camera Dad, really?!

The band are all tuned up and ready to go.

Bob was back on the tech desk this year.

The stage was just built over anyone too slow to get out of the way.

The show opened with Arthur singing

Act One, Scene One. Arthur, Lance, Gwen and Gawain discuss the jousts...

... particularly the Knights - the hunky Knights!

Enter Sir Ector and the inept Sir Kay.

Sir Kay practices with his equerry, Arthur.

To be a Knight you don't ride the 'orse. You must BE the 'orse!

Une lumpe du sugarre anyone?

Sir Kay will be up against the Black Knight, so he needs a bit of luck.

The evil Morgan Le Fay and her daughter Mordred hatch an evil plan...

But Merlin's beard is twitching and he has powerful magic.

Merlin summons help from Mystical Summoners Online.

But the only helper they have available is the clumsy Lady of the Lake.

Puns aplenty from court jesters Jeremiah Joker and Felix the Fool.

Sir Kay is off target. He couldn't hit a barn door with a shovel.

The Lady of the Lake has them tied up so they can't help Mordred.

With the Knights tied up, the Lady of the Lake steals their sword.

Lady Ector has a group hug with all her boys.

Sir Kay tells Lady Ector they are practicing for the joust.

Lady Ector says that brains are as important as brawn...

... so it's time to put their intelligence to the test, Mastermind style.

If Sir Kay had twice the brains he would be a half wit!

The Knights notice that Sir Kay's sword has been stolen. Dun, dun, dun!

Merlin helps Arthur along with a little magic.

The villagers are getting a bit tired of Mordred.

The chorus give a rousing rendition of "Happy".

Mordred uses her powers to have the villagers playing "Mordred Says..."

Arthur dreams of being a knight himself and winning Gwen's heart.

Merlin mixes potions and poisons in his laboratory.

Merlin and the Lady of the Lake have a plan to thwart Morgan Le Fay...

But clumsy Lady spills the beans. Now Morgan knows what they are up to.

Lady Ector has been reading Cosmo, so she's knows just what
the best dressed Knights are wearing?


Let Me Entertain You! Was it the Robbie or Robin Williams version?!

Back to the drawing board with the Knight outfits then.

The Voice of Truth gets a head to keep her eye on the stone.

Arthur stumbles across the sword in the stone and gives it a pull.

Magically he pulls the sword from the stone.... could it really be...?

Mordred is having none of it and quickly wrestles the sword from Arthur.

Now Mordred can be proclaimed King of Camelot.

Down on your knees and grovel, peasants!

Lady Ector thinks Mordred is playing at dressing up.

But they soon realise he is now their Ruler.

Dishwasher tablets anyone? Two for a groat?!

Merlin and the Lady of the Lake are cast into Morgan's dungeon.

It looks like Morgan Le Fay is going to win the day.

But Lady tricks Morgan into letting them out to help at the Royal Banquet.

Behind you!!!! Lance, Gwen and Gawain are in the forest.

Morgan and Mordred are ready for the banquet...

But Merlin and the Lady of the Lake are cooking up a surprise.

The terrine from Aberdeen contains the potion from the ocean.

But the Lady of the Lake gets terribly confused.

In the end Arthur has to step in, to make sure that Morgan gets the Mickey Finn.

A toast to the new King... but it's a poisoned chalice.

And Morgan Le Fay falls into a deep sleep.

Give us a twirl Sir Kay!

Merlin gathers everyone together so that the Voice of Truth can reveal that it
was Arthur that pulled the sword from the stone.


The sword is put back in the stone and Mordred tries, unsuccessfully, to pull it out.

Even the gallant Sir Kay gives it a tug.

Merlin asks Arthur to try, but Arthur isn't sure.

Merlin explains to Arthur that in fact he is the rightful heir.

Arthur pulls the sword from the stone.

The crowd cheer the one true King of Camelot!

And poor old Morgan Le Fay is too tired to fight back.

Sir Kay thinks being a stand up comedian might be better than being a knight.

Your cast and crew. Same time next year!
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