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Trivial Pursuits - Gallery

John and Peter proving that Am
Dram isn't all about glamour.

With a Director like this you
want to get it right.

Nick (John Plunkett) has a play to put
on, and a cast to choose. Who will win
the lead role?

Teddy (Paul Stothard) and Joyce (Bryony
Worthy) steady themselves with some
Dutch courage.

Nick checks out Deidre's new young man.

More Dutch courage - this would
never happen really.

Derek (Paul Underwood) is devastated by his
impending divorce from Deirdre and thinks it
might be best to end it all.

Maybe Eddie can supply the method....

Pearl (Eleanor Shepherd), the Operatic
Society's treasurer is concerned by the
lack of finances.

And Nick sees an opportunity to
exploit Derek's misery.

Eddie seems unusually keen to
get the TV working.

My, what a big tool belt.

The party host was Roz (Jo Ezzy) who
remained blissfully unaware of most of the
shenanigans going on.

Poor old Teddy got his fingers
burnt - literally - carrying off the barbecue.

Deirdre seemed to rather enjoy helping
Teddy undo his flies.

Pearl tries to show that she's still got it, despite
the slow and steady liver-pickling.

Nick backs himself in to a corner, he's
promised the lead role to more than one person.

Will he side with Derek - who gave him a
handsome packet - or Jessica (Fliss
Dyndor) - who told him he already had one!

Derek finally takes the plunge - from the roof.

I can't look... is he...

The cast break out in to rousing rendition of "If They Could See Me Now". Some of the audience thought they were cleverly singing in rounds, but this became less evident by the Saturday performance.

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