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The Helmdon Fellowship
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The Helmdon Fellowship


The Helmdon Fellowship of Retired People came into being in the 1950s as a village group for retired people mainly through the efforts of Harold Gulliver, supported by Jim Jessett, Connie Storer, Eric Humphrey, Nora Nichols and Harold and Jean Seckington. It became affiliated to a county-organised association known as Old People's Welfare, and at that time was linked very loosely with Age Concern.


 fellowship garden party

Summer tea party 2016


From left to right: Geoff Robinson,

Ann Harman,

Pat Woodhams, John Woodhams

and Sheila Somerton




The name was changed to The Fellowship in the mid-1990s and is open to those over sixty, whether retired or not. 

The Fellowship's "get- togethers" are on every second Friday afternoon of the winter months.

It also runs fund-raising events, coffee mornings, afternoon tea parties, fish and chip lunches and other events to raise funds to support its members and subsidise coach outings, which are run in the summer.



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