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Helmdon, Astwell & Falcutt Wildlife & Environment Group

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A Tawny Owl.
A Tawny Owl.

When the Helmdon Parish Plan survey results were analysed there was clear evidence of a widespread interest in, and concern for, all aspects of the environment in and around Helmdon and so a meeting was organised to which all those who had expressed such an interest were invited. The meeting was well attended. The various topics that had been raised in responses to the survey were considered and it was agreed that a formal committee should be set up to discuss and act upon the various issues concerned. Those present agreed that was important to have young people well represented on the committee. The new committee met for the first time on 15 November 2004.

The aim of the committee is "to promote work and activities which will serve to protect and enhance the environment of Helmdon and the adjacent areas, thereby encouraging a greater appreciation of our surroundings and raising awareness of the importance of conservation throughout our whole community".

The ways in which this aim would be achieved were also agreed and included activities as drawn from suggestions made in the parish plan. Several suggestions were made as to activities and events that could take place or be arranged for the immediate or near future including:

Joining in with talks and activities organised by the Brackley & District Wildlife Trust.
Carrying out a parish-wide tree survey.
Possibly participating in a national owl project to take place in 2005.
Assisting with the School Conservation Area.
Talk and walks in the parish.
Practical conservation projects in the parish.

Please contact a committee member if you would like further information about Helmdon's newest group!

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